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Mulligan Stew

Even though iconic Canadian broadcaster Terry David Mulligan currently hosts a weekly 2-hour music show and a weekly food and wine series he’s been interviewing music stars for over 50 years on radio and TV.

50 years of rock and roll. 15 years of film interviews and 9 years of food and wine stories.

Oct 30, 2021

Guest is Founder of Jr Gone Wild – Original member Mike McDonald

The band was founded in Edmonton in 1982.

They recorded their first album, Less Art More Pop, in 1986.

Junior won an Alberta Recording Industry Award for best rock band in 1994.

They recorded several albums, leading up to Simple Little Wish, which was...

Oct 16, 2021

Adrian is an inspiration, who makes great music, and is proving that music careers can happen for independent Indigenous artists who still live on First Nations.

With the inaugural National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, it’s a time to include the voice of an artist like Adrian Sutherland – one of the only...

Oct 8, 2021

This is, I believe, the 4th interview I’ve had the pleasure of doing with Afie Jurvanen! 

From the very first listen I heard a unique and gifted singer and songwriter.

Blessed with a voice that is like no other and a great personality that allows him to make fun of himself – in song.

Ah but what songs.

Get prepared...

Oct 1, 2021

Last Saturday I had Melissa McClelland and Luke Doucet – Whitehorse – on Mulligan Stew CKUA 

We shook the place up “real good” but this is the complete interview. Room for both Melissa and Luke to expand on the “Happy Hour Live”  experience from their living room during the lockdown.

They walk and talk us...