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Mulligan Stew

Even though iconic Canadian broadcaster Terry David Mulligan currently hosts a weekly 2-hour music show and a weekly food and wine series he’s been interviewing music stars for over 50 years on radio and TV.

50 years of rock and roll. 15 years of film interviews and 9 years of food and wine stories.

Dec 19, 2020

Christmas is all about traditions.

Handed down from generation to generation.

The December 19th edition of the Mulligan Stew Podcast is all about traditions.

In the late ’70s at CBC Radio in Vancouver producer, Susan Englebert created a holiday show called Christmas Jam

Singer/Songwriters sitting around a studio –...

Dec 12, 2020

Hello Friends...

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Then the Podcast comes to you automatically. Like heartburn after a hotdog.


The guest this week is a delightful man Alan Doyle.

I give him a bit stick by reminding him that he’s been called “beloved” in some articles.


Dec 5, 2020

Hands up – is there anyone out there who hasn’t heard of Elvis Costello?

Not many of you. And I’m worried about those of you over there.

Right from the first notes, he’s staked his claim as a singular artist.

He was following nobody.

Elvis rose to prominence on the strength of three albums.  One after the...

Nov 29, 2020

You may have  noticed that our Podcast has a subtitle

Music. Film. Food. Wine.  Those are the subjects I keep coming back to.

We do lots of music and film and some food but the wine pods have been few and far between. That’s going to change.

The stories and interviews that stand out for me are the interviews affecting...

Nov 20, 2020

We’ve been long-distance friends since the ’60s but like many, I’ve followed his amazing career. 

Best known for his producing work on landmark albums like Joshua Tree, Wrecking Ball, and Time out of Mind. His work with Peter Gabriel, Neville Brothers, EmmyLou, Willie, Robbie Robertson, Neil Young....