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Mulligan Stew

Even though iconic Canadian broadcaster Terry David Mulligan currently hosts a weekly 2-hour music show and a weekly food and wine series he’s been interviewing music stars for over 50 years on radio and TV.

50 years of rock and roll. 15 years of film interviews and 9 years of food and wine stories.

Dec 12, 2020

Hello Friends...

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The guest this week is a delightful man Alan Doyle.

I give him a bit stick by reminding him that he’s been called “beloved” in some articles.


We’ve been friends a long time which is tough to do because he’s in the Maritimes in the very far East and I’ve always been on the West Coast

So maybe we see each other once/twice a year.


Now that he’s not touring for a while he’s turned his considerable skills to writing another book.

His third is called All Together Now (A Newfoundlander’s Light Tales for Heavy Times)


The tales come from his imaginary corner stool in his local bar – The Duke.

On the set of Robin Hood. The Russell Crowe film.  Conversation with his son Henry in the car. (I’ll play the role of Henry, he’ll play Alan Doyle)

His strong connection to his Maritime fans in Alberta.

Alan truly misses “the road”.  Lots of stories there.


The man is a natural-born story-teller.  Come along, you’ll see.


Here’s the complete interview with the beloved Alan Doyle