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Even though iconic Canadian broadcaster Terry David Mulligan currently hosts a weekly 2-hour music show and a weekly food and wine series he’s been interviewing music stars for over 50 years on radio and TV.

50 years of rock and roll. 15 years of film interviews and 9 years of food and wine stories.

Jul 10, 2022

Welcome to the 2022 Summer Music Festivals. Part Two
We’ve kept Edmonton, Calgary and the next event the Vancouver Folk Festival in the mix. 
Added this week is HUFF  the Halifax Urban Folk Festival. Its artistic director is a classic Canadian troublemaker, Mike Campbell. 
The same Mike who co-hosted Mike and Mike for 
Then curated the rise of a great music room  The Carleton in Halifax. It just won the best small live room in Canada. 
Like its leader,  the HUFF is wonderfully different.  
Here we go…
When the pandemic hit at the beginning of 2019 anything that qualified as a gathering took the brunt of the hit.
Restaurants, concerts, sports, schools, music tours, group travel, etc!
Festivals of all descriptions were immediately shut down and artists went home and stayed home.
So, here we are two years later and this summer the music festivals have been fully booked by artists who can’t wait to get on the road and on stage. To be met by audiences and music fans who truly missed the live music experience.
We’ll touch on four music festivals but they do represent all festivals, big and small.  Please find one near you and support the festival and the artists.
Each web link below has info on the performers, their schedules, and ticket sales.
Our guests are
Terry Wickham – Producer,  Edmonton Folk Music Festival Aug 4-7
Kerry Clarke — Artistic Director Calgary Folk Fest  Prince’s Island Park July 21-24
Debbie Salmonsen – Artistic Director Vancouver Folk Fest – Jericho Beach July 15-17
Mike Campbell. Artistic Director HUFF.  Halifax 
End of August and early September. 
Amazing lineups and special events.  The info is here in the Podcast and on the website – Enjoy!